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More than 75% of all children out of school worldwide live in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

Statistics / Introduction:

Unfortunately, there are children around the world without access to basic or primary education centers and many existing education centers are understaffed or not equipped to provide a solid foundation for education.

  • More than three quarters of all children out of school worldwide live in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
  • Secondary school net attendance or enrollment rates are below 50 percent in many countries, including most of Africa.

As technology advances in developing country, many children throughout the world fall further behind their counterparts because they don’t have the basic resources needed.  Household data from 42 countries show that rural children are twice as likely to be out of school as children living in urban areas. The data also show that the rural-urban gap is slightly wider for girls than for boys. But the biggest obstacle to education is poverty.

Girls in the poorest 20 per cent of households have the least chance of getting an education: they are 3.5 times more likely to be out of school than girls in the richest households and four times more likely to be out of school as boys in the richest households.   Boys from the richest households are the least likely to be out of school (10 per cent), compared to all other groups.

Children remain out of school for a variety of reasons, including cost.  Social and cultural barriers to education are also common.  In many countries, educating girls is widely perceived as being of less value than educating boys.

Constructing, supplying and supporting education and computer learning centers provides the basic tools to influence the next generation.

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Computers for single mother families

It was a bright June morning when we arrived at the warehouse to load our supplies.  I remember the sound the fork lift made as it backed up to bring the computer to the edge of the loading bay.  We each loaded the computers and supplies into our van to take to the apartment complex.

We were met by the apartment manager, Leslie who had been praying for this day to arrive.  She is a caring and compassionate person genuinely interested in the well being of her residents.  It’s uncommon for a manager to care and truly want to help her residents, I later learned the residents of this complex are rather unique and one of the reasons we want to do more for this community.

Leslie manages a section 8 apartment complex which provides reduced price housing for low-income and struggling families in the Dallas area.  There are 250 units housing predominately minority families headed by single mothers.  Leslie works hard to create a safe environment, and strives to create a refuge for these women to raise their families.  She’s focused on helping these women get back on their feet, and we’re here to empower her dream of assisting her residents with education.

We’ve had teams serving at the apartments on the first and third Saturday of each month for well over a year now, plus a growing bible study group that meets on Tuesday.  Our team of volunteers and others are doing an excellent job in encouraging and empowering the young mothers by providing teaching, life skills and more, and we are eager to contribute to the great programs by providing tools and resources for students and adults of this community.

Our team installed the computers for the learning center which included internet access as children gathered outside full of excitement.   Leslie shared they are now able to provide services that will truly be transformational for their residents.  I remember one child asking, “are these computers for us?” and another saying “I never thought I would have a computer at home.”  There was even an elder lady who asked if she’d be able to use the computer.  Leslie said these are for all the residents and the lady thanked each of us for what we were doing.  It was with her hug and gratitude that I could see we were already making a difference.

The new computer learning center empowers the residents in several ways such as:

  • Students can research topics and complete their homework assignments
  • Students can use the computers for additional educational programs
  • Students and adults can further develop their computer skills
  • Adults can complete their GED (high school or secondary education equivalency)
  • Adults can complete job application forms on-line as they study and prepare for returning to the workforce…and more

This was a great way to help these single mothers and their children.  I know MegaCARE has installed computer learning centers in Kenya, Zambia, and Mexico plus donated computers, software and resources to several groups through out Africa, Mexico and Dallas, but today was a special day because I was able to contribute to this computer learning center that is helping those close to home.