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Who is MegaCARE?
MegaCARE is an organization that cares about people and seeks out those that are in desperate need of aid. Our commitment is to assist others so they can experience a higher quality of life. Through clean water programs, construction of shelter and distribution of food and medicines, MegaCARE has provided relief worldwide.

How is MegaCARE funded?
MegaCARE is funded by donors. Our partners and donors make everything we do possible. Some people are project givers, others give a monthly amount and some give a onetime gift. Together we become a team and change lives around the world.

Who decides what projects get funded?
MegaCARE has an Advisory Board that seeks out the type of projects needed, then surveys are taken from the people to determine the greatest need. A proposal is then submitted to the Executive Board that is chaired by our C.E.O. Together they approve the projects we should adopt.

What percentage of my dollars goes directly to the project? MegaCare is proud to report that 90 cents of every dollar is given to people in need. Ten percent is used for research and administrative costs.

What is the mission of MegaCARE?
The mission of MegaCARE is: To influence the next generation by supporting and initiating sustainable community development efforts through education, health care assistance, humanitarian service and empowerment.

How did MegaCARE get started?
In 1997 T.D. Jakes founded an International Outreach & Relief Program, since its inception the program has reached into global communities by evaluating needs and developing solution to help hurting people around the world. In 2005, the program was restructured as a Humanitarian Services Organization and implemented its Clean Water & Water Well Programs to empower communities in Kenya. To date, MegaCARE Missions (MegaCARE) has implemented programs in the United States, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Egypt, India, Bulgaria, Mexico, Belize and Guyana by initiating sustainable development efforts through staff, volunteers and strategic partnerships.

What type of organization is MegaCARE?
MegaCARE Missions is a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization structured under section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code operating exclusively for exempt purposes with no earnings inured to private shareholder, individuals or other entities. MegaCARE is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.

What is the philosophy of MegaCARE?
MegaCARE’s philosophy is:

  • We believe the urgent needs of suffering people around the world are common in that they can be met through our care initiatives.
  • We believe that by working with indigenous people, we are able to identify their specific needs while being respectful to their cultural values.
  • We believe our mission is to empower communities worldwide and encourage the next generation to rise to a higher quality of life.
  • We believe that by partnering with local organization we can establish an ongoing relationship that secures the focus and longevity of our efforts.

What is the purpose statement of MegaCARE?
Partnering to empower communities worldwide.

Does MegaCARE only work internationally?
MegaCARE serves in the city of Dallas, Texas which is the location of its headquarters as well as nationally in the United States and internationally.

What types of service programs has MegaCARE accomplished?
To see list of programs MegaCARE offers click here.

What are the care initiatives of MegaCARE?
MegaCARE calls its core values “care initiatives” and they are the four points of the mission statement. The four strategic CARE initiatives are fulfilled through our staff, volunteers and partners.

To see an overview of MegaCARE’s Care Initiatives, click here.

Does MegaCARE partner with other organizations?
MegaCARE partners with sponsors, different cultures and like-minded organizations seeking to meet life threatening needs by transforming lives and empowering communities worldwide.