Green: About The Relief

Improving appearance and livability of our neighborhoods

Statistics / Introduction:

Beautification events are designed to protect the vitality and integrity of our neighborhoods and help revitalize neighborhoods by helping residents to combat deterioration, litter and graffiti.

Social, educational and environmental program designed to improve the quality of life and property values for challenged communities within the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.   The program features representatives from MegaCARE, church, City council, Sanitation Services and other city departments, as well as music, food and fun activities for the entire family.   Residents are encouraged and can learn how the program can impact their neighborhood and improve their quality of life and property values for challenged communities within the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

  • Quality of life for most citizens is directly related to the conditions under which one lives, including our neighborhoods
  • We believe the program will serve as the catalyst for residents coming together as a community to improve the appearance and livability of their neighborhoods, thereby increasing their quality of life

Green: Field Studies

Glendale Park - (Green - Community Clean Up and Prayer Walk)

Early Saturday morning, a sea of over 175 bright pink shirts, worn by members of The Potter’s House Women’s Ministry called God’s Leading Ladies, converged on Glendale Park in Dallas, Texas.  The women along with MegaCARE Leaders and volunteers came on a mission, to help clean up trash, encourage the residents and foster community service.

I arrived early that morning for a prayer meeting and the final details for the day.  Our leaders set the tone and identified the heart of which we would operate.  It was pure submission and service since we are welcomed guest into their community.  I pause and looked around at all the women arriving for this event and thought to myself , theses Leading Ladies could have been anywhere completing Saturday morning chores, however this Saturday morning they choose to bless and beautify the park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Upon arrive I noticed we were not alone, we were flanked by City of Dallas sanitation staff and trucks, ready to pick up the larger items;

Animal Control staff ready to pick up animals as needed; Dallas Police Department for security; and City Council staff representing one of the Dallas City Council Members.   Rarely do you see the coming together of Church, community leaders and City Personnel with such harmony; it was an amazing sight to see.

First Lady Serita Jakes led the charge by being one of the first to put on gloves and grab a trash bag to pick up trash in the park.  I overhead one of our leaders state, “Leaders go first, you can’t lead from behind”.  All the women followed, and put on gloves donated by the City of Dallas and grabbed trash bags before moving into the neighborhoods in smaller teams assigned to specific areas.  Each team was responsible for picking up trash in an assigned area, as some teams sang songs, other simply prayer while residents joined in the process.  It was an incredible day of service and fellowship.

One of the residents was an off duty mail carrier who asked to join our team once she saw what we were doing and thanked the team by providing words of encouragement for the team.  I remember another young man curious about the sea of pink, stopped and talked with members of our team, then later came back to the park to and asked for prayer.  He was so overwhelmed by us giving freely of our time to help his neighborhood.  Many neighbors waived their appreciation and thanks for what was being done within their community.

At one point, I simply watched as these ladies were focused on praying, while picking up bottles and trash along the path.  I would occasionally look back at where these hard working ladies had been, and I could really see what a difference they had already made, as they moved through the community.  I saw new member, seasoned member and residents meticulously picking up trash and making a different in this neighborhood.  It’s an honor to serve with an organization that cares about the community and helping those close to home.

MegaCARE's Beautification Initiative | Leading the Way

MegaCARE’s Beautification Initiative was launched in 2010 and has removed over 39,000 pounds of litter and debris from our city streets. We’ve mobilized hundreds of volunteers to serve in various locations across the metroplex. Our objectives are clear; encourage our neighbors with a physical demonstration of God’s love by picking up trash and debris, mowing lots, planting flowers and supporting our senior citizens. Our partnership with the City of Dallas, Code Enforcement, Sanitation, Animal Control and the Police Department is working to empower our neighbors and transform communities.

It’s daybreak on this brisk Saturday, there’s an army of volunteers gathering together equipped with work gloves, rakes, lawn mowers, garbage bags and the spirit of community service. The team lead reiterates our purpose is to help those who can’t help themselves and encourage others along the way. It’s not long until we are introduced to Ms. Jordan who is 101 years old and simply overwhelmed with the love and support our team is providing. MegaCARE mowed her lawn, helped her move furniture, cleaned her backyard and just as important encouraged and inspired her by demonstrating community spirit this morning. Ms. Jordon captures the essence of why we launched this initiative by stating:

“This is such a surprise and it’s a blessing. I’m telling you…this is a surprise. I’m somebody that all ya’ll are thinking about…little o’ me.”

This initiative is truly making a lasting impact by modeling good stewardship, communicating with residents and demonstrating community service. Cory Morgan, City of Dallas – SE Service Area Coordinator states:

“Once we partner up and make changes in the community, we don’t have to go back because the people catch on and they are excited about their community. Each time that I’ve worked with The Potter’s House (MegaCARE) we’ve taken a different location, and there are times that we go back to those communities and they are still clean.”

MegaCARE served District 4 in 2010, today that community is thriving. Property values have increased an estimated $2000 per house with a neighborhood increase of nearly $2M while the surrounding neighborhoods have remained stagnant. Two new stores have opened in the neighborhood, and the city is in ongoing discussions with developers on future growth for the neighborhood and surrounding communities. Dwaine Carraway, City of Dallas – Council Member District 4 states:

“We are very proud and appreciative of the fact that when you come in and do the things that MegaCARE is doing. It provides that opportunity for jobs, for retail, for hope for folks to be able to say let’s go and do something with ourselves. Let’s do something in our community. Somebody has to lead the way, and this type of programs shows the leadership in leading the way.”

Reaching into communities and embracing those in need to let them know they are not forgotten is at the core of MegaCARE. Thank you T.D. Jakes for your vision to initiate and support sustainable community development, together with our staff, volunteers and continued support from our partners we are empowering lives and transforming communities here at home and around the world.

Join us today and be part of programs that are leading the way and making a difference!

Richard Wesley – Associate Director, MegaCARE Missions